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Who we are

Established in the early of Digital PR on 2010, we stand among the crowds of PR Agencies  offering new colors of communication with ethnology and measurement & analytical approach.


We TALK through all the communication LINKs

We TALK through all the communication LINKs


Established on September 2010 by Ria Ariyanie, Ramya Prajna Sahisnu and Anantya Van Bronckhorst. Our vision is to personalizing the communication in all platform. 


We values the communications in which we know how to link the channels, where we talk directly to public as well as through all kind of media while we also listen on what they say.

We converge the conventional and digital media for our services,such as:

  • Digital Public Relations, both communications and marketing

  • Political Communications

  • Media Relations

  • Community Relations

  • Strategic Counsel

  • Communication Audit

  • Community Development Research

  • Social Responsibility & Act

  • Crisis Management  & Litigation PR

  • Monitoring & analytic

  • Integrated Marketing Communications

We take a strategic approach  to solve your business problems. We create our own communication tools to listen and talk in order to deliver the right message to public. We use ethnology as our communication approach, therefore we get nuanced understanding of the target of all level. We use worldwide valid metrics to measure all the activities and conversations.


Comes from variety backgrounds, our solid team ready to partner with you:

  • Talk Strat (Strategic Planner team)

  • Talk Service (Account team)

  • Talk Analytic (Monitoring & Analytic team)

  • Talk Paper (Finance team)


We have brothers and sisters under group of Pranala Cipta Berdaya, which enable us to create integrated solusion in Digital Communications. We take the Digital PR as the bottom line of the integration, sinergizing the effort with online placement, website, mobile and web games as well as digital CRM.  

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