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What we do


Public Relations in digital platform. Utilizing all the digital channels and social media, we communicate with public by personalizing the brand. We also get variant of communities in many kind of interests and segmentation. Let them talk about you! Day to day we do digital  communication & marketing, digital / online placements, buzzers & influencers, community relations, website, mobile marketing, online apps and games.  


We have a good and strong media relationship with variety of editorial desk such as technology, lifestyle, health, economy, business, etc from daily, weekly and monthly subscription as well as print, online and electronic media 


Doing study on communication condition for corporate or institution as well as doing evaluation and analysis of the gap from existing and desire position. We provide the recommendation and strategic planning based on the evaluation & analysis results. The study using many kind of method and reseach designs by digital, field and desktop literature. Here, we combine variety updated knowledge of research such as communication and sociology.  


Using the communication and sociology approach, we build public opinion on the current national political issues. We brings and fight for good people for better Indonesia.  


Crisis management handling is not only about neutralising the hazardous condition. With us, we also do how the business continue after the recovery. We put the alert condition 24/7. And for doing this, we have a special Crisis Handling Team which consists all of the Team Heads and Partners. 


We use worldwide valid metrics with AMEC (Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication) standards to do the monitoring and evaluation service for our all our clients. We also assist some clients who needs Analytic service only such as Nike Indonesia, Mandiri Fiesta and Vidoran Xmart.

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